Behöver ditt företag/förening hjälp med kontorsstädning, städning av gemensamma utrymmen , trappstädning etc. Låt oss ta hand om detta så ni kan koncentrera er på det ni gör bäst! Knappa bara in ert postnummer och storleken på kontoret/gemensamma ytor så återkommer vi snarast med ett prisförslag.

    Here’s How It Works

    With Hemfrid you get a clean and pleasant environment for everyone in it. You get a personal contact with us at Hemfrid who together with our trained staff deliver cleaning with high quality, continuity and flexibility. In addition, Hemfrid’s Swedish-made and ecolabelled cleaning products are always included.

    Book a free visit and we will tell you more about our offer and how we can arrange the cleaning with you.

    Cleaning materials

    We bring a mop, rags and eco-labeled cleaning products that are used during the cleaning and it is included in the price. We do, however, ask you to provide:

    • Vacuum cleaner
    • Dust rocker
    • Cleaning trolley/Buckets

    Should you wish us to purchase the material listed above, we can of course help you with that. You can also order consumables from us at Hemfrid, just let us know and we will fix it. For example, we can offer the following:

    • Paper towels/Paper rolls
    • Toilet paper
    • Garbage bags/Trash bags
    • Dishwasher tablets
    • Vacuum cleaner bags
    • Special detergents for example. floor, disinfection.


    Prices presented are exclusive of Moms.

    Hemfrid Additional Services

    In addition to the ongoing cleaning, we offer additional services to the office, the workplace and other premises.

    Deep cleaning With a regular Deep cleaning you get extra clean in your premises. Our team spends extra time and energy on, for example, kitchens, toilets or where you think it is needed.

    Fönsterputs Clean windows give a professional impression and we assist you with regular window cleaning. We bring all the utensils and cleaning products needed which are included in the service.

    Handyman service With our Handyman service, we help you assembling office furniture, setting up paintings, shelves, curtains and technical equipment and with smaller carpentry assignments. Describe what you need help with and we will bring with you the necessary equipment.

    Do you have any other needs? We can take care of your recycling, take care of your consumables, arrange fruit baskets, supply you with entrance mats and much more. Tell us what would make it easier for you and we will solve it!

    Tasks included in Hemfrid’s Office cleaning

    Normally we perform the tasks below when we clean offices and other premises. However, our starting point are your needs and together with us at Hemfrid you decide which rooms should be included and what should be done, which is also documented in your cleaning description.

    Tasks we perform in all rooms

    • Dust all accessible surfaces such as office spaces, table lamps, fixtures, shelves, window panes etc.
    • Vacuum floors, moldings, electrical outlets and carpets
    • Mop all hard floors
    • Empty trash
    • Remove stains on doors, glass sections and whiteboards
    • Polish mirrors
    • Arrange chairs in meeting rooms and office spaces, wipe if necessary


    • Dust and clean all open surfaces
    • Remove stains on kitchen doors, tables, chairs and other appliances on the outside
    • Clean the inside and outside where there are rubbish bins
    • Clean the inside and outside of the microwave
    • Clean the coffee machine/vending machine
    • Start/empty the dishwasher or wash the existing dishes
    • Fill with hand soap, detergent and paper towels
    • Replace dishcloth and dish brush if necessary
    • Empty and throw rubbish
    • Vacuum and mop the floor


    • Dust and clean hangers, holders and bathroom cabinets
    • Clean sink, faucet, toilet and shower if available
    • Dust washing machine and dryer
    • Polish mirrors
    • Empty trash
    • Fill up hand soap, toilet paper and paper towels
    • Vacuum and mop the floor