Vi tar med oss all utrustning och material som behövs och du får fönsterputs på köpet, naturligtvis med kvalitets garanti. Köparen kommer att mötas av ett skinande rent hem och du kan lugnt fokusera på ditt nya boende!

Vi erbjuder alltid en 5-dagars garanti på flyttstädningar.

    Here’s How It Works

    When you outsource your move out cleaning, you want to feel perfectly safe. And you can. Our professional cleaning team polishes every small detail. Your buyer will be met by a shiny new home and you can devote your energy to your new home.

    • We bring all the equipment and cleaning materials
    • We thoroughly clean all your surfaces
    • Window- and panel cleaning is included

    Tasks included in Hemfrid’s Move out cleaning

    Please let us know if you have sensitive materials, e.g. marble or brass in your home. The tasks below are carried out in an empty home. Hemfrid always offer a five day warranty for Move out cleaning.


    Tasks we perform in all rooms

    • Clean windows.
    • Vacuum clean and wipe down joinery, moldings, doors, door frames, window sills, free surfaces, wardrobe doors and cabinet doors.
    • Wipe down on top and inside of wardrobes, cabinets, and bookshelves.
    • Wipe down sliding door tracks.
    • Vacuum and wipe down radiators.
    • Dust walls.
    • Dust electrical sockets.
    • Dust lights.
    • Clean mirrors.
    • Removes ash from the stoves and fireplaces.
    • Wipe down exterior doors.
    • Vacuum clean and mop floors.


    In the kitchen we also

    • Clean the fridge and freezer outside and inside.
    • Clean stove and oven externally and internally, including plates and grilles.
    • Clean fan and fan filter (not carbon filter).
    • Clean inside and outside and on top of cabinets, shelves and drawers.
    • Clean the tile / splash guard above the sink.
    • Clean under cabinets and dryers of sockets.
    • Clean the microwave externally and internally.
    • Wipe down dishwasher inside and outside.
    • Wipes out of cutlery drawers.
    • Empty and wipe down trash container.
    • Cleaning the sink, mixer, stopper and strainer.

    In bathrooms and half baths we also

    • Clean walls and floors.
    • Clean mixers, visible pipes and shower nozzle.
    • Degrease and descale walls and joints where possible.
    • Clean the floor well.
    • Clean the entire shower alt. the tub, remove the front and clean underneath.
    • Wipe inside and outside and on top of bathroom cabinets.
    • Clean the faucet and sink.
    • Clean the entire toilet.
    • Clean the exterior of appliances and the detergent container on the washing machine.


    In the entry hall we also

    • Wipe down handrails and baluster in stairs.
    • Wipe down hat rack
    • Wipe down fuse box.


    Prior to move out cleaning

    Here are some things to keep in mind before the move out cleaning

    • Switch off and defrost refrigerator and freezer.
    • Pull out fridge, freezer, stove and washing machine from the wall if you want us to clean behind.
    • Clean water trap.
    • Clean blinds.