Boka en storstädning av ditt hem och vi gör allting så där extra rent! Vi städar varje rum från golv till tak med miljömärkta och supereffektiva produkter. Vi sätter extra fokus på kök och badrum – eller den ytan som du vill prioritera. Som kund är du alltid garanterad ett gnistrande resultat när du bokar en storstädning med oss!

    Here’s How It Works

    Our professional cleaning team doesn’t miss a spot, even in the places you often forget. Because each home is unique, we adapt our cleaning to your requirements. When we’re done, your home will truly shine.

    • All rooms are cleaned carefully from floor to ceiling. We dust, vacuum clean and wet dry.
    • We add a little extra energy and love to your kitchen and bathroom, as it is often required.
    • If you wish, we also clean your windows — the small detail that makes all the difference.

    Se below which tasks are included in Deep cleaning.

    Tasks included in Hemfrid’s Deep cleaning

    Please, let us know if you have sensitive materials in your home such as marble or brass. Keep in mind that the more loose items that are removed, the more we can focus on cleaning. We always offer a two (2) working day guarantee on our Deep cleaning.

    Tasks we perform in all rooms

    We perform these genneral tasks in all rooms

    • Dust walls and remove cobwebs.
    • Vacuum and wipe woodwork, moldings, radiators,
    • window sills, open surfaces and on top of wardrobes and
    • cabinets.
    • Dust ornaments, shelves and paintings.
    • Dust electrical outlets
    • Vacuum upholstered furniture
    • Vacuum on and under carpets (if possible).
    • Dust lights.
    • Dust electronics (excluding screens).
    • Clean mirrors.
    • Empty trash bins.
    • Vacuum and wet mop floor

    Living room

    In the living room we perform all the general tasks.


    In bedrooms we perform the general task and also

    • Make beds.
    • Switch to clean bedding when provided.
    • Dust or vacuum bed frame/headboard.


    In the hall we perform all the general tasks and also

    • Dust handrails and spindles in stairs.
    • Vacuum and wipe down shoe rack and hat rack.


    In bathrooms we perform the general tasks and also

    • Polish mixer, nozzle, hose and pipes.
    • Degrease and descale walls and joints when possible.
    • Clean floor drain.
    • Wipe inside, outside and on top of bathroom
    • cabinets.
    • Clean tap and sink.
    • Clean entire toilet.
    • Clean exterior of appliances and inside washing machine detergent container.
    • Clean dryer lint compartment.
    • Wipe down bottles on display.


    In the kichen we perform the general tasks and also

    • Clean exhaust fan including filter (excluding
    • carbon filter).
    • Clean on top of cabinets and shelves.
    • Wipe down kitchen doors inside and out.
    • Clean outside of refrigerator and freezer.
    • Clean tile/splash guard above sink.
    • Clean under cabinets (if possible) and wipe plinths.
    • Clean microwave externally and internally.
    • Wipe down dishwasher outside and inside.
    • Wipe down everything on display such as coffee machine, oils, salt and pepper.
    • Wipe insides of cutlery drawers.
    • Clean exterior and interior of cabinets where trash bins are located.
    • Take out trash and wipe down trash bin.
    • Clean sink, mixer, stopper and strainer.

    Extras with Deep cleaning

    We can also help you with

    • Window cleaning
    • Internal oven cleaning
    • Internal cleaning of refrigerator and freezer
    • Internal cleaning of kitchen cabinets and drawers
    • Balcony and garage cleaning
    • Cleaning of crystal chandeliers
    • Brass and silver cleaning
    • Leather care of sofas
    • Ironing